Zach Christian is a 3D Matte Painter, Concept Artist,

Art Director who specializes in Environment Creation for Film, Video Games, and Commercials.

       He graduated from The Art Institute of San Diego, CA. with a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Animation. Early on during his studies at the Art Institute Zach learned he had a passion and talent for creating digital environments. He started his career working in commercials as a Designer/Matte Painter/3D Generalist at Shilo TV in San Diego, Ca.

       With nearly 100 Commercials and 7 Films under his belt, including films like Furious 7, Pixels, Thor “The Dark World”, Percy Jackson “Sea of Monsters”, Cloud Atlas, MIB 3 and others. Zach has laid down a solid foundation and work flow to meet the needs of virtually any show he comes across.

      When Zach is not Matte Painting he enjoys spending time with his wife Amy and two kids Katelynn and Dylan. Hanging out with friends and fellow Artists also plays an important roll in his down time. He also loves Mountain Bike riding, Camping, Photography and the outdoors.